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POPPY’S DILEMMA is the first of Nancy’s full length novels published in UK by Avon, HarperCollins. The story is set partly in a railway navvies' encampment, and partly in the drawing rooms of Dudley’s respectable families in the early 1850s. It tells of Poppy Silk's quest to raise herself above the squalor and immorality of the navvies' environment where she was born and raised. AVAILABLE IN EBOOK and PAPERBACK FROM 30th MARCH 2015 THE DRESSMAKER’S DAUGHTER is set in the Black Country, spanning the years from 1902 to 1929. It tells the story of Lizzie Kite, nee Bishop, full of romantic ideals until the hard realities of life and love take their toll. This novel is the first of a sensational trilogy about the Kite family. Order HERE AVAILABLE IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK NOW THE FACTORY GIRL is Nancy’s sequel to The Dressmaker's Daughter. The story is set in The Black Country and Birmingham between 1929 and 1936, and revolves around Lizzie’s eldest daughter, Henzey Kite. While Henzey dreams of babies and a home of her own, Billy Witts, her wealthy beau, has other ideas. When the Great Depression falls on the Black Country's factories, he shows the darker side of his obsession with wealth and luxury, but which leads Henzey into a mystery about two brothers . . . AVAILABLE IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK NOW RAGS TO RICHES. Nancy’s third novel featuring the Kite family, which completes the trilogy. Maxine Kite, the youngest daughter of Lizzie is a talented young musician. Set in between-wars Birmingham and the Black Country, and the jazz clubs of New York and Chicago of 1936, it is a gripping, sensual and sensitive story about love and betrayal. AVAILABLE IN EBOOK NOW, PAPERBACK FROM 23 fEBRUARY 2017 A FAMILY AFFAIR is the story of Clover Beckitt and how radically her life is changed when her widowed mother remarries. As a consequence Clover finds she has a pretty step-sister and a fair-minded step-father. But when another step-relative joins the family brewing business, there are astonishing consequences. Set in Dudley between 1905 and 1915, A Family Affair is a compelling read. AVAILABLE IN EBOOK NOW Set in Brierley Hill and Bristol between 1856 and 1858, THE RAILWAY GIRL tells the story of Lucy Piddock and Arthur Goodridge, and her indifference to him when her head is turned by a more handsome face. The story vividly highlights a factual and serious accident that occurred on August Bank Holiday Monday in 1858 on the Oxford Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway at Brierley Hill in Staffordshire. AVAILABLE IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK NOW DAISY’S BETRAYAL, is set in the 1890s in the Black Country and Italy. All Daisy Drake has ever really wanted is a handsome husband who will cherish her - and when charming Lawson Maddox offers to rescue her from disaster and her family from destitution, she jumps at the chance to become his wife. Daisy’s Betrayal tells her astonishing and moving story of love, passion, deceit, exploitation, and Lawson’s dire quest for unscrupulous revenge, inflicted on her and her family when he feels aggrieved. AVALIABLE IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK NOW A COUNTRY GIRL, set in the Black Country of the 1890s, tells of the intense romance between Algie Stokes and Marigold Bingham. It is a compelling and unusual story of five women (Marigold, Aurelia Sampson, Harriet Meese, Kate and Clara Stokes), and three men (Algie, Murdoch Osborne and Benjamin Sampson), and the monumental effect they all have on each other’s lives, but in particular on the lives of Marigold and Algie. Available from 10 August 2017 A Fallen Woman is set in the 1890s and is a sequel to A Country Girl, dealing with the consequences of Marigold’s and Algie’s on-off love life, and his dalliance with Aurelia Sampson (the fallen woman). All the irresistible characters of A country Girl are there to enchant and surprise you. A Fallen Woman is a powerful and sensual tale of love, desire, guilt, scandal, and betrayal. Available in e-book only from 8 February 2018.
The Girl from The Opera House An e-short story from Nancy Carson. Download from Amazon. Use this link to get it: The Girl From The Opera House Available in ebook from 20th March 2015 Published by Avon, HarperCollins

The Novels of Nancy Carson

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In 1937, with Britain preparing for war, eighteen-year-old Libby Shakespeare finds employment as a shorthand typist at the offices of a Black Country steelworks. There, she meets Bunty Burgayne, the daughter of wealthy steel magnate Charles Burgayne, and they become best friends. When Libby is brought to Charles's attention, he comes to admire her competence, while his sons Edward and Hugh admire her entrancing good looks and likeable personality. Despite her lowly family background, both brothers vie for her attention. Libby grows to love one and despise the other, with disastrous consequences for everybody.
In 1853, in Hobart Town, Van Diemen’s Land (later known as Tasmania), Isabel Saxby is a successful business woman with independent means, due in part to an anonymous benefactor. Unmarried, Isabel falls in love with Barnaby Micklejohn, a widower assigned from England to work as an official in the colonial government. While their romance flourishes, Isabel carefully avoids divulging her past. When she receives a letter from her mother begging her to return to Worcester in England to visit her dying father, she postpones all arrangements for her future with Barnaby. But aboard the renowned ship SS Great Britain bound for Liverpool, Isabel’s extraordinary past is revealed, yet at what cost to her future with Barnaby?