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The Factory Girl

Nancy Carson first introduced the Kite family of Dudley in her bestseller The Dressmaker's Daughter. The Factory Girl, is the sequel - a new generation that returns to enthral and enchant existing fans and new readers.
SYNOPSIS Henzey Kite thinks she's found the perfect man when she meets Billy Witts. Handsome, ambitious and successful, Billy seems to have everything that the local boys from Dudley can't give her. But while Henzey dreams of babies and a home of her own, Billy has other ideas. In time, she finds out that his easy ways with the toffs go farther than mere business; and when the Great Depression falls on the Black Country's factories, he shows the darker side of his obsession with wealth and luxury. For Henzey, a time of heartache is coming. Only time will heal the wound Billy leaves - and draw her into an extraordinary love match. EXTRACT . . . "He had believed he would never see Henzey again, although visions of her with that Billy Witts plagued him intolerably for more than a year afterwards. She was gone, lost forever, and thoughts of her diminished with the years. Yet, unbelievably, here she was some six years later, sitting opposite him at his own table, smiling radiantly at him, waiting for him to tell his life story; but accompanied by her husband. She was the most beautiful, most desirable creature he'd ever had the good fortune to meet, and he wanted her more now than he did in 1929. She might be married. She might have been caught. It did not mean she had been secured . . ." SERIES INFORMATION The Dressmaker’s Daughter introduces the Kite Family and is the first in the trilogy. The Factory Girl is the second novel in the trilogy about the Kite family. Rags to Riches is the third novel in the series.


Available in ebook format from 11th May 2015 Published by Avon, HarperCollins. Please click one of the links to the stores below, which will take you directly to the page for The Factory Girl Amazon UK Amazon Australia Amazon USA (Kindle) Barnes & Noble USA (Nook) Kobo Books
Available in paperback 19th November 2015 ISBN: 978-0008151911 Published by Avon HarperCollins. Amazon UK