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Nancy Carson was born and bred in the Black Country, that part of the West Midlands that lies between the eastern fringes of Wolverhampton and the western edges of Birmingham. Dudley was her home town and though she has travelled widely, she still lives no more than 6 miles from her birthplace. Throughout life she has been a ‘people-watcher’ and believes this has given her a clear insight into human interactions – male and female – especially when it comes to relationships. So, her stories spring from the broad canvas of human nature. The characters that populate them have often been inspired from life, as have the situations she sometimes places them in. Many have been embellished, some not. Nancy Carson is the author of eleven published novels and one short story, with plans and outlines for more.

About Nancy Carson

Missing You

Nancy’s first self- published book. Use this link to order from Amazon Missing You Available in ebook from 9th March 2021 as an ebook and in paperback Please use this link to Amazon UK:- https://amzn.to/38sEjTf ISBN: 9798718874662
ISBN 9781916398726 Trade Paperback from 20 May 2021