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SYNOPSIS Still reeling from the events and traumas he encountered in A Country Girl, Aurelia Sampson tries to come to terms with her miserably failing marriage and the birth of her daughter conceived out of wedlock. Meanwhile, Algie Stokes settles down to a normal life and running his burgeoning bicycle manufacturing business. However, an epic conflict arises with Aurelia’s husband Benjamin - a rival in business - which is heightened radically when Benjamin embarks on the ultimate quest to ruin Algie. But another, unanticipated, adversary emerges in the shape of Clarence Froggatt. Both he and Benjamin provide significant emotional and financial problems for Algie, which threaten his marriage, his business his entire family, as well as the future of Aurelia and her children. Set in the 1890s, A Fallen Woman is a compelling story, bursting with intrigue, an ample measure of juicy scandal, and the unexpected twists and turns that typify Nancy Carson’s novels. Fans will love it. EXTRACT . . . ‘We don’t get the chance to talk these days,’ Aurelia remarked candidly. Always Algie had found her to be unnervingly forthright, always disquietingly forward, and he had no answer, for it was the sad truth and he could utter neither confirmation nor denial. ‘Maybe it’s for the best,’ she added. ‘How is he these days?’ Algie indicated with a nod that he meant Benjamin, then settled on Aurelia’s glistening eyes, wallowing in their deep blue depths. ‘As unpleasant as ever.’ Algie sighed, frustrated at this deplorable, despicable waste. ‘He’s hopeless with money. That share of the money my father left – you know? It’s all gone. He said he wanted it to invest in the business. So I stupidly gave in and let him have it. My guilty conscience, I suppose. But I’m sure it never was . . . Invested, I mean. I’m sure he’s just squandered it. The business is worse off than ever.’ Algie shook his head in sympathy. ‘I’m so sorry, Aurelia.’ He sounded truly sincere. ‘Things generally are not good anyway. But if there’s anything I can do to help . . . To help you, I mean, not him or his business.’ She put her hand on his arm in acknowledgment of his concern, and it was like a pleasurable bolt of electricity surging through him. ‘You have your own responsibilities these days, Algie.’ ‘I’m all too aware . . .’ SERIES INFORMATION: A Country Girl introduces Marigold Bingham and her family, the Stokes family, the Meeses, the Froggatts and the Sampsons in this first novel. The sequel, A Fallen Woman to be published 8 February 2018, is the explosive sequel and conclusion to this potent saga.
A Fallen Woman The inevitable consequences, some benign, some appallingly bad, for the characters of A Country Girl, after the events that overtook their lives in the prequel, A Country Girl.
PUBLISHING INFO  Available in paperback ande-book, UK:8 February 2018