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SYNOPSIS Nancy Carson’s third novel about the Kite family of Dudley is set in a colourful world of beautiful music, as the youngest of the Kite girls is whisked from between-wars Birmingham and the industrial Black Country of 1936, to the dazzling, abrasive culture of New York and Chicago. Maxine - the talented musician of the Kite family - is overjoyed to land a job as cellist with the City of Birmingham Orchestra. But Brent Shackleton, an intriguing fellow musician, introduces Maxine to the world of jazz. Soon, she is the star of his band, playing piano and singing. She loves this hectic new life and the glamour that surrounds it, and even finds time to fall in love with Howard Quaintance. With Howard she discovers that she is not the cold fish her old boyfriend Stephen always said she was and Maxine has never been so happy - yet their lives couldn't be more different. When the jazz clubs of New York beckon, along with the sultry world of wayward musician Brent Shackleton, Maxine leaves safety and propriety behind. But a girl’s good name can be all she has in the world - and once lost, is almost impossible, to reclaim . . . As romantic and engaging as the songs Maxine sings.

Rags to Riches

The glittering third part of the trilogy about the Kite family, that whisks the reader in style across the Atlantic with Maxine Kite, exploring the spectacular glamour and contrasting hardship of Depression-hit New York and Chicago in the 1930's. An emotional story of exhilaration, deceit and with many, many surprises.


PUBLISHING INFO Available in ebook format from 8th June 2015. Available in paperback 27 February 2017 ISBN: 978-0008191894 Please click one of the links to the stores below, which will take you directly to the page for Rags to Riches. Amazon UK Amazon Australia Amazon USA Barnes & Noble USA
In "Rags to Riches", Maxine and Howard enjoy a dish called  Chicken Marengo. Click here for the delicious recipe.
SERIES INFORMATION The Dressmaker’s Daughter introduces the Kite Family and is the first in the trilogy. The Factory Girl is the second novel in the trilogy about the Kite family. Rags to Riches is the third novel in the series.
EXTRACT . . . They broke off and she looked up at him, her eyes signalling the warmth and tenderness she felt. Was this affair happening too soon after the hurt she felt over Howard? Should she expose her frail, tortured heart to risk again so soon? Hell, yes. Brent loved her; she was sure of that. And she loved him . . . She knew that now – at long last. She knew it just as surely as she knew the sun would rise next morning. Maybe she had always loved him. Maybe Howard had merely been an enjoyable diversion till destiny contrived this moment for true romance to begin. Maybe she had loved Brent from the moment she first saw him after her audition with the CBO. Brent’s fingers were undoing the hook and eye at the back of her dress. She bent her head forward biddably so that he might have easier access. Then she felt him unfasten one by one the tiny buttons that held her dress together at the back. She stood there impassive, content for him to do it while she continued to gaze out onto Central Park, her head on his shoulder. The city was just showing the first stirrings of life this cold Tuesday morning in December. He peeled the dress from her shoulders and down her arms before he eased it over her slender hips. It fell silently to the carpet that lay thick under her feet.