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Lizzie Bishop, full of romantic dreams, finds fulfilment with Ben Kite, a forthright and sensitive young man. But two former rivals for Lizzie's affection, Stanley Dando her intriguing second cousin, and Jesse Clancey the likeable and handsome son of a prosperous neighbour, remain secretly in love with her. Then Ben, with the noblest of intentions, makes the biggest mistake of his life and everybody is caught up in the spiralling consequences. Sensual, riveting, poignantly tender, and often hilariously funny, Eve's Daughter will make you laugh and make you cry, drawing you into an enthralling saga of obsessive desire and deceit. Set in a Black Country community between 1902 and 1929, the characters are engaging, the backdrop is atmospheric and vividly true to life. EXTRACT . . . She rested her head on Ben’s shoulder. Would it always be like this? Could it always be like this? Then, strangely, just for a moment, she noticed the cold again, yet infinitely more intense than before and she shuddered. Was this fleeting sensation that penetrated through to her very bones an omen? He sensed her sudden angst and squeezed her affectionately, protectively, rubbing his cheek against her lush brown hair.

The Dressmaker’s Daughter

Nancy Carson’s first book of the trilogy about the Kite family from Dudley.


Available in ebook format from 5th April 2015 Published by Avon, HarperCollins. Available in paperback: ISBN: 978-0008146863 Published by Avon HarperCollins 10th September 2015 Amazon UK Amazon Australia Amazon USA Barnes & Noble USA Kobo Books
SERIES INFORMATION The Dressmaker’s Daughter introduces the Kite Family and is the first in the trilogy. The Factory Girl is the second novel in the trilogy. Rags to Riches is the third novel in the series.