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A Family Affair

The enchanting and moving story of Clover Beckitt, her love life, her betrayal, her family and their crusade to turn their struggling home brew pub, the Jolly Collier, into a thriving business.
SYNOPSIS Clover Beckitt is surprised when her mother announces that after fifteen years of widowhood she is about to be married to a younger man. All at once, Clover finds herself with not only a new 'Pop', Jake Tandy, but a pretty new stepsister, Ramona, as well. Despite Clover’s initial fears, all seems settled in the household. She is permitted more freedom because of the free rein afforded to her more outgoing stepsister, and new plans for the family's brewery business promise to bring prosperity. When love blossoms with Tom Doubleday, the photographer she met at her mother's wedding, Clover feels that things have turned out just right. Then Jake's younger brother Elijah joins the business, and both Clover and Ramona find their lives changed forever. An earthy, yet bewitchingly moving love story set in the Black Country, set between 1907 and 1916 against a backdrop that features the pioneering days of aviation. CLOVER is a wonderful addition to the compelling Black Country Chronicles, written by the bestselling author of Poppy’s Dilemma, The Dressmaker's Daughter, The Factory Girl and Rags to Riches. EXTRACT . . . 'You don't look comfortable, Clover,' he said and left his camera to walk over to her. He knelt down and adjusted the folds of her dress as it draped over her legs. 'Rest your head on the headrest and raise one arm languidly over your head . . . No, that doesn't seem right . . . I know, pretend you have a new ring on your finger - an engagement ring for instance - and your lover has had to go away. Now you're wistful and pining for him . . . Oh yes that's beautiful. Can you hold that while I . . .' 'Tom, can I not do that? Please? I think it would be a bad omen.' 'A bad omen?' ‘Yes, you photographing me looking all heartbroken because my sweetheart has gone away.' HISTORICAL NOTE One of the main characters in "A Family Affair" is Ned Brisco, an uneducated chap but a natural engineer, who tries to emulate the Wright Brothers in their quest for sustained manned flight in heavier-than-air machines. Those early machines rapidly evolved into biplanes that were used for reconnaissance during the 1st World War by both Allied and German forces. The British army's Air Corps, as it was known, was the fore-runner of the Royal Air Force.


Available only in ebook from 7th September 2015 Published by Avon, HarperCollins. Please click one of the links to the stores below, which will take you directly to the page for A Family Affair Amazon UK Amazon Australia Kobo Books Barnes & Noble USA